The City Hall, Band Stand and Waterskiing ornaments can be purchased ($15 each or 2 for $25) in Lake City at the Antique Shopper, Mississippi Mercantile and the Lake Pepin Pearl Button Co. If you wish to receive them by mail, make your check or money order payable to the Lake City Historical Society, PO Box 246, Lake City, MN 55041. Include $2 shipping and handling for each ornament.

Bandstand Ornament

The Bandstand, now in Patton Park, was originally built in 1909 on the corner lot next to the City Hall. the city band played a concert in the bandstand nearly every week during the summer. By 1929 the music drew such large crowds that the structure was moved to Oaklyn Park, later renamed to Patton Park. The bandstand is still used today for special events allowing the picturesque structure to remain a symbol of historic Lake City.

City Hall Ornament

The original City Hall building was completed in 1899. Edwin Alexander, one of the most prominent architects in the state, was commissioned to design a building for use not only as the City Council meeting place and for holding elections, but also for a library and the fire company. The City Hall was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1981. The 2003 addition and restoration allowed the various city departments to move to larger offices and the refurbished ballroom now houses a display for the Lake City Historical Society.

Waterski Ornament

The Water-Ski ornament is based on a mural located in the Lake City Post Office commemorating Ralph Samuelson’s invention of water-skiing on Lake Pepin. On August 19, 1915 Samuelson became the first speed skier when he reached 80 mph behind a WWI Curtiss Flying Boat. Samuelson was indisputably credited as water-skiing’s inventor in 1966. He never patented the skis or profited from the invention that would, in time, claim millions of enthusiasts world-wide.